Francis Jue

(Obie Award Winner, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Pacific Overtures, M. Butterfly - Broadway, Madam Secretary - CBS, Soft Power, King of the Yees)

“I spent years getting by with what voice I had.  I worked consistently, in both musicals and plays, but I always felt like my voice was only barely capable of handling whatever show I was doing.  Within my very lesson, Martin began the process of freeing my voice from restrictions and wear-and-tear.  His practice is customized to my needs, and the results have been quick!  I’m singing and speaking with so much more ease, range, and expression now.  After 30 years in the biz, I feel more resilient and I sound better than ever.  Thank you, Martin.”



(Westside Story ( F. Zambello) - Chicago Lyric Opera, Glimmerglass & Houston Grand Opera, In the Heights - Geva, Modern Dancer - Urban Bushwomen)

“I have been a dancer my entire life and felt the urge to start singing two years ago since I had never done it before. A good friend mentioned that I should work with Martín Solá… and the rest is history! I didn’t want to learn how to sing to get work, I wanted to learn how to express myself as best I could as a performer. Working with Martín, I didn’t just gain a vocal teacher, but a true coach and a mentor. Through this I’ve been working consistently and most importantly confidently. Martin Sola doesn’t just teach you how to sing the song, he gives life long tools to carry the one voice that we’re given."


Angelica Beliard

(Broadway - On Your Feet!, Donna Summer the Musical, Kiss My Aztec)

“As a dancer, finding my voice has been a journey! Working with Martin has brought such relief to what has been a very intimidating skill to learn. His patience coupled with helpful techniques have enabled me to gained a new sense of breath, feeling the sound, and a basic understanding to allow the voice to move with ease. In addition, Martin has been a great guidance for auditions; Helping me to understand and tell the story of the song, I'm able to give a better sense of who I am as a performer. Thank you Martin for making the process fun and effective!“


Lydia Gaston

(The King and I - Broadway, Miss Saigon, Shogun - Broadway, Shogun - Broadway)

“Since studying with Martin I have gained clarity and depth in my understanding of the way I sing. I appreciate the specific, individualized approach he uses in working with my voice. Martin's commitment and passion for seamlessly combining vocal technique with artistry have greatly influenced my work as a singer and actor.”


Albert Christmas

(Ragtime - Broadway, Lights Out -FX, Blue Bloods -CBS)

“Martin takes time to help you confidently find and excel with your own voice. He understands how the vocal mechanism works and he shares this knowledge to help you train and best utilize your voice.” 

brett denim.png


(On Your Feet - Broadway & Holland)

"After years of singing with bands, numerous studio recordings and live stage my voice came to an unpleasant hault. heavy rasp and a fatigued voice was what I was left with. I had a feeling that I needed to go back to the basics even as a professional singer. Martin took me back to an important place which was FOUNDATION. He helped me rediscover my breathing patterns in vocalizing as well as placement of my air, vowels, and consonants that are used in everyday singing. Soon enough my lungs opened back up and my voice started to clear up. Now as I sit here doing an international production I can say my voice came back stronger than it was before it slightly disappeared. Martin definitely fixed my sounds and got it back to strength and clarity."


Sumie Maeda

(The King and I, Hot Feet - Broadway, South Pacific - National Tour)

“Before working with Martin, I went to a few acting coaches. I’m primarily a dancer and haven’t had much proper acting training, but being a performer I know when the session is working and when it’s not. While I was disappointed in sessions with other coaches, Martin made me feel comfortable right away and I could tell it was going to be a great session. On top of it I was able to book the job! My experience with Martin’s coaching perfectly balances the emotional connection to a character and the technique and control needed to focus the performance. I will definitely go back to him!”



Carey Brown

(Ragtime - Broadway, Secret Garden -Denver Center, Sound of Music - National Tour)

"I cannot even begin to express how much I enjoy working with Martín! He is very kind, but also pushes you to produce your best work. He recognizes that not all voices operate in the same way and is able to adjust to each student accordingly, which is such a rare gift!"

James Hayden Rodriguez

(Man of La Mancha - The Shakespeare Theater, The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical - off-Broadway)

"Martín is a gem! Our work together has been amazingly effective in helping me develop my breath support. He has also given me great tools to help me focus on the mechanics of my voice when I am alone. I've been able to apply these mechanics to my pop/rock sensibilities, which has made my work feel more effortless and sustainable."

C. Barajas 1.jpeg

Ceasar F. Barajas

 I had the pleasure of befriending, becoming a huge fan of, and working alongside the incomparable, Martin Sola, in the spring of 2015 when we both were in MAN OF LA MANCHA at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington D.C. It was there that I first became a vocal student of his and learned an incredible amount in a short time period. I, of course, continued to study along side him when I returned to New York City. The amount of knowledge I’ve gathered about my singing voice, the physicality of proper placement, has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I work regularly as a full-time multiple-threat performer and voiceover artist, and in 2017 alone, I shot 3 different co-stars on TV shows, co-starred in and Fight Choreographed GHOST THE MUSICAL, co-starred in Sir Tim Rice’s Broadway-bound musical FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, and voiced & motion captured a new character for a major video game release. And because of Martin, my confidence has soared creating better auditions hence the bookings, my singing and voiceover speaking abilities have improved, and my general vocal health is stronger than ever. Without a doubt, Martin is one of the main reasons for all of this. Thank you, Amigo. 




Eillen Ward

(King and I National Tour, Olney Theater, Florida Studio Theater, Bristol Riverside, New Harmony, Fords Theater)

"Although I have performed in many musicals, I was never comfortable in singing. Martin took the time with me in each lesson, to explore the reasons why. He listens to your needs and really thinks about what is best for each student. It was quite obvious to me that Martin loves what he does, and wants you to feel the same way. He makes you feel comfortable. And comfort goes a long way when you want to learn to be better at what you do. Thanks Martin!"



(Disney On Classic, Japan)

“Though I am a lifelong singer, voice lessons are something that have befuddled me for a long time. If a teacher is too rigorous or prescriptive, I become too tense to be truly present in the learning process. If things are too conceptual or heady, I can’t grasp hold. When I first met Martín, I immediately knew he was someone with ample technical knowledge to share, but also someone with whom I could be completely at ease in the studio. I began studying with him and immediately my confidence and ability began amplify before my eyes. Martín has a way of reminding you of what you and your instrument already know, while encouraging you to follow a few key principles of breath, support, and intention that really help your technique begin to take hold. I am so grateful to have met Martín, and I hope he and I work together for many years to come!”


Julie Henerson

IMG Model and Actress

"I am a model and an actress and have been working with Martin for the past year. Working with Martin has given me the confidence to go to the next level in my career. I have worked with many voice teachers and Martin is the only one who has been able to pinpoint the exact areas I needed to work on and gently guide me to improving vocal control in ways I never knew was possible. Martin has given me the tools on how to use my breath as a way go relax during an audition as well as using my breath to empower the full force of my voice."


Angela L. Owens

Opera Singer (Jazz at Lincoln Center, Chautauqua Institution, l’Opéra National de Paris)

"Martin Sola is an insightful, motivating, nurturing teacher and coach. He gently guided me through a character development for a stage play in New York. As a vocalist, I felt intimidated and insecure about performing dialogue without music. Martin helped me to find truth and simplicity in my delivery without diminishing the complexities and layers of my character. He created a relaxed atmosphere for exploration and really listened to me - it was great working environment.  I highly recommend him and hope to work with him again."


Jessica Bowers

Operatic Mezzo-Soprano (Anchorage Opera, Utah Opera, Metropolis Opera, Bowers/Fader Duo,)

“I prepared Mother Abbess from "The Sound of Music" with Martin a couple of years ago. I was nervous about the spoken dialogue and felt like I was in a bit of a rut - I didn't know HOW to rehearse it. In our work together, he gave me several different ways to approach line-readings, which helped loosen me up and feel like I could come at it different ways and truly play with it until I found the right way for me. Very much the "teach a man to fish" technique because I could apply it to every scene in that show, and moving forward, I can apply it to other roles, and fabulously - to any songs, arias, and music I study and perform, even in various genres. That is the real strength of the way Martin works - teaching you HOW to work on repertoire.”




( NYCO, Oklahoma, Dream Girls - Portland Stage, Mozart In The Jungle -Amazon)

"The decision to study with Martin was and is one of the best decisions I have made regarding my career. I met Martin during our working together at New York City Opera. His ability to understand the mechanics of the voice as it relates to singing is amazing, in addition to being a performing artist in his own right. He has his hands on the pulse of what's happening in the business today and has a unique stratagem that participates in singers booking the type of jobs they dream of having."


Olivia Coronel

(On Your Feet! -Broadway, Dora the Explorer - TV Series)

"I met Martin during our time working together in On Your Feet! The Musical. He has been very effective in teaching me proper vocal technique and explaining the mechanics of singing in a way that I have been able to understand. It is clear that he genuinely cares about his students and wants them to succeed. He shares aspects from his own professional journey, which helped me to learn from his experiences. Martin not only teaches you how to be a better singer and performer, he inspires you to do so."

Kevin Martinez

Actor/Singer (Fraud,Waste and Abuse The Musical - 13th Street Rep., Enter Singing off-off-Broadway)

“There is no other way to say it. I would not be the singer I am today without Martin. Beyond my voice, the greatest thing about Martin is he truly cares, plain and simple. Yes, he wants you to improve your technique. Yes, he wants to teach you proper breathe support. But most importantly, he is a mentor who wants you to succeed and tailors his lessons to the particular way you learn. While it's amazing to learn from someone who is successful himself and you see his methods working, it's more important to put your career in the hands of someone who will have your best interests at heart.”


Elizabeth Scher

(West End Lounge -NYC, Bethesda Summer Music Festival, Imagination Stage - Bethesda)

"Martin has been an absolute joy to work with. He is incredibly supportive of his students. He even provides workshops with casting directors so his students can receive the type of feedback that they might hear in an audition. I have sent many friends to him, and all have loved him."